Kingdom Hearts 3 May Appear At E3, New Survey On Facebook Indicates

It’s been awhile since we saw something exciting related to Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans want to know more and see more of the game. However, Square Enix has kept the lid tightly on Kingdom Hearts 3 related proceedings.

We are half way down 2015 and it is a month when the gaming industry hosts the biggest gaming centric expo in the world. No points for guessing, it’s E3!

Since there is very little we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 for so long, the following information may sound like me grasping at straws, I probably am.

But here goes, the official Kingdom Hearts Facebook recently shared a new survey related to the series. It asks some of the most basic questions, like which KH games have you played or what genre do you like etc. However, down the line it talks about the future.

It asks about what you want from the future Kingdom Hearts, which obviously means Kingdom Hearts 3. Here you can give suggestions to developers.

The interesting thing isn’t the survey itself, it is the timing of it and when it is ending (June 12). It could be an indication that Square Enix is trying to see what fans want to see in the trailer for E3.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be much here but at this point anything related to Kingdom Hearts 3 needs attention, as it might lead us to something.