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Halo 5 Promethean Weapons List and Screenshots Leaked

Halo 5 is the biggest Xbox One release of the year and fans are eager to know more about it. Plenty of information about the game has been shared by developers and plenty has been leaked since its announcement.

For those who want to know more about Halo 5, we have some newly leaked information and screenshots from the game. A list of weapons was leaked which shows Promethean weapons, first introduced in Halo 4. The list was leaked by a user with an online alias “ImmerseYourself.”

It seems that the person who leaked this information had his account removed, likely the result of breaking an NDA.

Below you can see the list leaked by Immerseyourself:

  • The Incineration Cannon is back from Halo 4, and can be charged. The longer the charge, the higher the damage/impact. The weapon will be battery based, rather than ammo based.
  • The railgun is back once again, and now has a maximum ammo capacity of 11 shots.
  • Boltshot now has no charged burst mode. Instead, 2 shots will fire at once and track players.
    Suppressor now has a reduced firerate.
  • Higher rate of fire for the Battle Rifle, with reduced bullet spread.
  • Pistol has a slower firerate, however higher damage per shot.
  • Smaller radius for the Ground Pound ability
  • Weapons dropped on the floor have a blue outline around them for visibility.
  • No killcams are present, and spectating is a replacement for the feature.
  • Spartan chatter in-game has been reduced.
  • ‘Spartan bro moments’ reduced post-game
  • Killfeed modified to display in the format: Player Name > Weapon Killed With > Player Name

Here are the leaked screenshots:

These images aren’t reflective of the final build, improvements are expected to be made as the game is still in development.

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