Gran Turismo 7 Listed By A Croatian Retailer, News Expected At E3

A Croatian retailer recently put up a listing for something called Gran Turismo Sports. Sony is yet to formally discuss its plans for Gran Turismo 7,  but rumors and speculations have surrounded the topic ever since the release of Gran Turismo 6.

The PS4 racer is apparently called “Gran Turismo Sports,” the news came from retailer Santa Domenica who put the game up for pre-order. Chances are you never even heard of Santa Domenica before, so why are we giving it such importance?

Well, the fact of the matter is that this particular retailer has an exclusive agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The agreement makes it the sole importer of Sony games and products to Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. So obviously, the retailer knows stuff early but similar Amazon leaks, this could also turn out to be false.

The good news is that rumors say Sony will share more about Gran Turismo 7 at E3. For now all we know for sure is that the game is in development at Polyphony Digital.


The only thing bugging me is the title of this listing, it says “Gran Turismo Sports.” Meanwhile, you can clearly see “Gran Turismo 7” written in the image for the game. The listing has now been removed by the way, but in the page URL you can see “Gran Turismo 7.”

We will most likely have answers at E3 2015, so stay-tuned as we bring you all the news about your favorite games.