Fallout 4: Bioware’s Alistair McNally Doesn’t Seem To Be Impressed By The New Trailer

Little over a week ago we were provided with our first look at the new Fallout game. After years of wait, Fallout 4 was finally in front of us and it was hard to believe our eyes.

As much as we were excited about the new Fallout title, many of us couldn’t help but notice the game’s outdated look. Of course, the title is in development and improvements will be made but as far as first impressions go, Fallout 4 left many of us disappointed.

I for one, don’t think it matters but critics were all over this and honestly, even if we think it doesn’t matter, it is surprising to see a game in 2015 with visual comparable to the 2009-10 era.

At the time when the footage was shared, fans were hunting for it online in an attempt to grab the first look. One of the fans took to Twitter and asked head of Design & Art at BioWare Edmonton & Montreal studios, Alistair McNally about the footage, his reply indicated that he has seen the trailer but isn’t too impressed with it himself.


On the other hand, Bethesda couldn’t care less about what the critics think. Fallout 4 will be great regardless of how its visuals are, does graphics matter to you more than gameplay? Or do you think there should be a balance between both?