Clicker Heroes Guide To Keybindings, Abilities, Buying Ancients, Rewards, Hero Souls, Rubies, Gilds

Clicker Heroes is an indie project made by Playsaurus, the developer behind Cloudstone.

The game revolves around slaying monsters, collecting gold, upgrading heroes, using skills, and exploring worlds.

Clicker Heroes Guide

Following is everything you need to know about Clickers Heroes, its various features, options, and things like that.

Options Menu

You can click the wrench icon in top-right to open up the Options Menu which contains the following options:

Save Option
This is where you can save your in-game progress. Once you hit the save button, a duplicate copy of your save is exported to SteamCloud which protects your saves from being corrupted following a power outage. You can access your save files from the following directory:

Steam\SteamApps\Common\Clicker Heroes\ClickerHeroSave.txt

Import Option
This option allows you to copy a saved game code from the text file and paste it in the indicated window. The time gap between the saves is treated as offline farming mode.

Reset Option
This allows you to completely erase your in-game progress. Although your earned Achievements will remain intact, you will be able to start the game as if for the first time.

On/Off Toggles

  • Show +Gold Texts – displays the quantity of Gold collected
  • Show Damage Texts – displays the damage dealt
  • Tiny Monsters – a visual change which scales monsters’ sizes
  • Individual Hero DPS – displays how much DPS a hero is doing
  • Scientific Notation – displays number in Scientific Notation such as 100^10
  • Full Screen – allows you to toggle Full Screen on or off


Most of the actions in Clickers Heroes are performed using a mouse, but there are certain shortcuts which are provided below:

  • Shift – upgrade a Hero or Ancient by 10 levels per click
  • Z – upgrade a Hero by 25 levels and an Ancient by 1000 click
  • Ctrl – upgrade a Hero or Ancient by 1000 levels per click
  • Q – upgrade a Hero or Ancient by maximum available levels per click
  • A – switch between Progress Mode and Farm Mode
  • 1 – Activate Clickstorm
  • 2 – Activate Powersurge
  • 3 – Activate Lucky Strikes
  • 4 – Activate Metal Detector
  • 5 – Activate Golden Clicks
  • 6 – Activate Dark Ritual
  • 7 – Activate Super Clicks
  • 8 – Activate Energize
  • 9 – Activate Reload

Game Modes

There are a total of three main game modes, Active, Offline, and Idle. Following is a brief overview of everything you need to know:

The game is considered Active if you are dealing some damage to a monster or have an activated ability. You can also progress to higher zones while the game is Active.

The game is considered Offline if the game window is closed. You can’t progress to higher zones while the game is Offline and Gold is acquired based on your Heroes’ total DPS and other factors such as highest zone which is available.

To access the Idle mode, you need to purchase one of the Idle Ancients, Libertas, or Siyalatas. While the game is Idle, you can progress to higher zones and the mode breaks as soon as you activate ability or cause any damage to a monster.

Farm Mode and Progression Mode
You acquire the ability to switch between Progression Mode and Farm Mode after beating the boss on Zone #100. Where the Progression Mode allows you to progress to higher zones, Farm Mode lets you remain on the current zone.

Clickables Rewards

At zone 35, you will see Clickables on your screen. The Clickables appear at random intervals in one of the 6 locations as small headcrabs. Click on these small headcrabs and you will acquire hefty amount of Gold as well as a chance to earn a Ruby which can be bought using real money.

In addition to this, there is another type of flying Clickable which activates a random ability. The ability can be a locked one and does not enter cooldown. Moreover, if the random ability is Clickstorm, it will break the Idle status. Finally, in case you have the Energize ability activated, the random ability will use Energize Charge.


Gilds are boosts that can be applied to a single hero and increase the damage dealt by a hero by 50%. The effects of Gilds stack up and you can have more than one Gild at a time. In addition to this, you can also move Gilds among heroes.

Hero Souls

Unlike Gold, Hero Souls can be carried over between Ascensions. For each Hero Soul, you acquire 10% damage boost. You earn one Hero Soul after every 2000 levels possessed in total by your Heroes. In addition to this, you earn Hero Souls by defeating Centurions or Primal Bosses for the first time on each run.


Rubies are paid currency which also randomly drop from Clickables. These can be spent to acquire three types of Boosts which are provided below:

  • Timelapse – 20 Rubies – resets all cooldown abilities
  • Three Gilds – 30 Rubies – identical to normal Gilds
  • Quick Ascension – 50 Rubies – provides a number of Hero Souls and adds to count of your Ascensions

Buying Ancients

After acquiring 50 Hero Souls, you can buy your first Ancient. Following is an overview of every Ancient that you can buy in the game:

Argaiv – Gild
Effects: +2% Gild bonus per level

Atman – Hero Soul
Effects: +1% chance to spawn Primal boss per level

Berserker – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Powersurge per level

Bhaal – Click
Effects: +15% critical click damage per level

Bubos – Progression
Effects: -2% boss health per level

Chawedo – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Clickstorm per level

Chronos – Progression
Effects: +5 seconds to boss fight timer per level

Dogcog – Gold
Effects: -2% to gold cost to hire and level Heroes per level

Dora – Spawn
Effects: +20% chance for a Treasure Chest to spawn

Energon – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Metal Detector per level

Fortuna – Gold
Effects: 0.25% chance per level of gold drop from any source being multiplied by x10

Fragsworth – Click
Effects: +20% click damage per leve

Hecatoncheir – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Super Clicks per level

Iris – Progression
Effects: +1 to starting zone after Ascension per level

Juggernaut – Click
Effects: +0.01% DPS per level per click in combo. Combo reduces at 5% of clicks per second after 10 seconds without click

Khrysos – Gold
Effects: Start with sufficient gold to purchase one level of Hero after Ascension. Treebeast at level 1, Natalia at level 10

Kleptos – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Golden Clicks per level

Kumawakamaru – Progression
Effects: -1 monster kill required to clear non-boss zone per level

Libertas – Idle, Gold
Effects: +25% to +15% gold per level dropped from all sources while in Idle mode. Increase per level drops by 1% every 10 levels

Mammon – Gold
Effects: +5% gold dropped from all sources

Mimzee – Gold
Effects: +50% gold per level from Treasure Chests only

Morgulis – Hero Souls
Effects: +11% per level to total bonus from Hero Souls

Pluto – Ability
Effects: +30% per level to gold from Golden Clicks

Siyalatas – Idle
Effects: +25% to +15% DPS per level while in Idle mode. Increase per level drops by 1% every 10 levels

Sniperino – Ability
Effects: +2 second duration to Lucky Strikes per level

Solomon – Hero Souls
Effects: +5% to +1% Hero Souls per level dropped by Primal bosses. Increase per level drops by 1% every 20 levels

Thusia – Ability
Effects: +100% health per level to Treasure Chests while Golden Clicks is active

Vaagur – Ability
Effects: -5% to ability cooldown duration per level


  • Clickstrom – Automatically clicks 10 times per second at the mouse location.
  • Powersurge – +100% DPS for all Heroes for the duration
  • Lucky Strikes – Grants +50% chance for clicks to be critical clicks for the duration
  • Metal Detector – +100% to gold dropped from all sources while active
  • Golden Clicks – Drops 1% of targets gold value per click while active. 0.1% per click on bosses
  • Dark Ritual – Grants a 5% bonus to DPS until next Ascension. Multiple uses stack additively
  • Super Clicks – +200% click damage for duration
  • Energize – Doubles the effect of next ability used
  • Reload – Reduces the cooldown of the previously used ability by 1 hour

If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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