Rumor: ZombiU Port in Development for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

Wii U launch title ZombiU could be ported to the PayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, accordin got a report.

The rumor has been kicked off by YouTube account Unseen64 Tamaki, who suggests that ZombiU might scrape off the ‘Wii U exclusive’ badge and be ported onto Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

According to Unseen64, the source of this leak is the same one that provided the details of Know Your Friends, an unreleased party game for Wii U developed by Ubisoft. Unseen64 also recently revealed details on Skylanders SuperChargers prior to its official reveal.

This does strengthen the possibility of this rumor to be true. However, Unseen64 doesn’t seem to be convinced that this information will be revealed at the E3.

The user has also said that it is not a confirmation that it is indeed going to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but he is assured that it is certainly in development by Ubisoft for the two consoles.

ZombiU was a Wii U launch title in November 2012. Despite having great popularity and general success, the game failed to turn a profit. This may well be a reason for Ubisoft to decide to port the title onto the more popular platforms.