NBA Live 16 Will Feature Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook On The Cover

EA has announced the cover star for this year’s installment of NBA Live 16. After plenty of speculations regarding who will be on the cover, we now have the name of one Russell Westbrook.

Yes, in comparison to NBA 2K16 (that has three cover stars) NBA Live 16 only has one. Westbrook plays for Oklahoma City and is making his cover debut with NBA Live 16. He is an NBA All-Star Game MVP and regular season scoring champion, which makes him a suitable choice for the game’s cover.

NBA Live 16

NBA Live has struggled over the years to gain a decent amount of market share and traction among fans. Meanwhile, NBA 2K has been the leading basketball game for a long time now.

However, EA isn’t giving up on the series and it shouldn’t.

EA doesn’t seem to be concerned about how the game will do this year against rival NBA 2K16. The company has already said that there will be an NBA Live 17, so fans of the series should rest assured that the game isn’t going anywhere.

The title is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but so far there is not relase date mentioned for it. We are just days away from E3, where EA is expected to share a release date with us.