Elder Scrolls Online Temporary Fix to “Login Failed” Error Message

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is currently giving players issues when logging in on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

According to parent company ZeniMax Online Studios, the “Login Failed” error message is due to the “overwhelming demand for ESOTU and the high volume of traffic currently hitting our login servers.”

There’s nothing more frustrating than preparing to enter a fictional world and then having to face login issues. Currently, Bethesda is hard at work in correcting the problem. However, until then, the developer has proposed a quick workaround that involves switching megaservers, and then switching back.

For those attempting to log into the NA megaserver:

  • Switch to the EU megaserver
  • Log into the EU megaserver and accept the legal agreements as prompted
  • Log out of the EU megaserver and switch back to the NA megaserver
  • Log into the NA megaserver

For those facing the same issue while attempting to access the EU megaserver, simply follow the exact same steps but switch EU for NA and NA for EU.

The publisher apologized for the inconvenience being caused, and promised a permanent fix soon.

We’re working to get you into Tamriel as quickly as we can. Thanks for your continued patience and support during our console launch!

Lastly, it’s advised to not leave the queue when inside, or to close the game client and/or otherwise navigate away from the screen.

Source The Elder Scrolls Online