Advanced Warfare Removing CTF from Ranked Play

A couple of weeks ago, MLG announced that it would be removing Capture The Flag from competitive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare once the X Games tournament has concluded.

The decision was based on the fact that the mode has not proven to be strategic diversified for competitive play as compared to other titles. Capture The Flag is going to be replaced by another Hardpoint in the rotation in Best of 5s. For Best of 7 matches, another Search and Destroy will be added into the competition.

Following that announcement, boss Michael Condrey has now confirmed that Sledgehammer Games will also be removing Capture The Flag from the Ranked Play playlist of the game. While a specific time frame wasn’t mentioned, his statement on Twitter seemed to indicate that the update will take place soon.

In relation to MLG’s announcement, the competitive-play organization is going to remove the mode with the start of Season 3 of its MLG Pro League. Perhaps, Sledgehammer will be coinciding with the same dates.