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XCOM 2 Will Support Modding, Tools Will Be Available From Launch

XCOM 2 is confirmed to support modding, and the tools for it will be available from launch.

The news comes from an interview conducted by IGN with producer Garth DeAngelis and Creative Director Jake Solomon. The mod pack will contain an entire suite of tools required to give full access to modders – the Unreal Development Kit and the map editors used by Firaxis Game to create the content will be available to users from the get-go.

This is all further sweetened by the fact that XCOM 2 will be integrated with Steam Workshop, meaning that acquiring, browsing, and downloading mods will become much easier for those willing to add customized features in their copy of XCOM 2.

XCOM 2 is the sequel to 2012’s critically acclaimed reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which gained much praise for its streamlined mix of RTS and tactical gameplay, along with exciting development.

Much of the core aspects of its predecessors are expected to be retained in XCOM 2, but the ability to mod will already make the title much more appreciable for the PC gaming community.

Creative Director of XCOM suggests that it not including modding was one of the main things they regret about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and that adding the modding option in its successor is a win-win situation.

“Because we’re a Firaxis game, we’re committed to this idea of player value. We want our players to play our games forever, and so we want to have this sort of vibrant community around the game. We want people to talk, to communicate with us, and for our games to have this really long life cycle, because that increases the value of our games.”

XCOM 2 is set to be released on PC in November this year, and is expected to be presented on the PC Gaming Show at the E3 on June 17.