Watch this Guy Get Rekted Playing Team Fortress 2 Only Using Voice Commands

It’s one of those days when I stumble upon something extraordinary on the Internet.

My latest discovery? YouTuber Jerma trying out Valve’s Team Fortress 2 without any controller or a mouse and a keyboard, but only his voice commands.

Although the end result of Jerma’s little experiment turned out to be a huge disaster, it is still fun to see him bump into walls and taking down a few enemy players using the Spy.

As you can see in the video attached above, he uses simple voice commands such as walk, strafe left/right, shoot, back which all are quite delayed!

In related Team Fortress 2 news, it seems like competitive matchmaking is coming to the game and it currently sits as a high priority task at Valve Corporation. To read up more, head over to this post!

Check out the video above and share your impressions with us in the comments section below!