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The Order 1886 Developer Ready At Dawn Hires Blizzard’s Paul Sams As CEO

The Order 1886 developer Ready at Dawn has hired industry veteran Paul Sams as its new CEO. Sams previously worked for World of Warcraft developer Blizzard for over two decades.

The CEO position was formerly held by Ru Weerasuriya, the studio’s co-founder, who will now move to the position of president and chief creative officer.

The studio also started a new business hub in Austin Texas, in addition to Sams’ hiring. Ru Weerasuriya spoke about Sams’ hiring and said:

It is never easy finding someone to take over the reins of a company after this many years, but I cannot think of anyone better suited to guide the team as we look to the future. He is one of the most accomplished, respected, and experienced leaders in our industry.

Hiring Paul Sams seems to be the right choice for the studio and he will help them move their future projects in the right direction.

Does any of these future projects include a sequel to The Order 1886? It’s highly likely.

The Order was released back in February and was criticised for many of its gameplay elements. It often took control away from the player, too many QTEs, short campaign etc. However, against all odds The Order is well on its way to achieving sales expectations.

Ready At Dawn’s new CEO Paul Sams said that only Sony can share specific sales numbers, but the studio is proud of the game and is close to achieving sales expectations.

Those who played The Order 1886 will agree that there is more to the story and how the game ended suggested that Ready At Dawn has planned another game.

The next game will need to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, in order to establish The Order as a flagship Sony franchise, which the first game failed to do.