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Steam Summer Sales Set to Start on June 11, Lasting for Ten Days

It’s time to get your wallets ready and take a confirmation peek at your PayPal accounts, because it has been confirmed that the Steam Summer Sale will kick off from June 11.

Yes, that’s just two days from now, so it’s time to prepare your wallets as Lord Gaben digs through them. Take it like a champ; it’ll be over before you know it.

The news emerged through a generously shared advert on NeoGAF. PayPal sent the notification via email to its users, confirming the sale’s start on June 11. The sale will last for full 10 days, ending on June 21.

This obviously means a very busy set of weeks for gaming enthusiasts, as the E3 is also around the corner, starting from June 16.

You’re free to act how you wish, but a personal advice would be to keep your wallets in-check till the E3 conference is finished. Who knows, you might find a reveal at one of the gaming conferences that is worth saving for.

It’s nice to see that it’s Christmas already for gamers, so get your savings ready, demand for your paychecks if you haven’t gotten them already, and go berserk!

Gaben, what are you doing? Gaben?! Stahp!