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Sony and Microsoft Not Expected to Reduce Prices for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

There have been speculations prior to the upcoming E3 conference of Microsoft and Sony announcing price-cuts on their flagship consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively.

However, one certain market analyst tends to disagree with this notion, and has stated astute reasons for the unlikelihood of this happening.

Wedbush’s Michael Pachter suggests that the relative freshness of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles means that a drop in price for them is unlikely, and instead the two giant firms will opt to reduce prices for the previous generation consoles instead.

“We do not expect price cuts for the Xbox One or PS4. We do not expect Microsoft to permanently cut the price of the Xbox One without Kinect from $399, instead focusing on compelling bundles with first- and third-party content, with some of the applicable games included as free pack-ins… Although the price of the Xbox One has been discounted by $50 for much of 2015, we believe that the price will revert back to $399 by the time that the holidays arrive, particularly if sales pick up.”

In addition to this suggestion, Pachter also added that NPD data suggests that Sony’ PlayStation 4 is still currently significantly outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One console. For this very reason, Sony has no real reason to drop its prices. Instead, Pachter expects Sony to take a similar approach to Microsoft, and put up bundle offers instead of downright reducing costs of the console.

It’s only in a week’s time that we’ll see whether or not Pachter’s analysis is accurate or completely false.