Need for Speed 2015 Has No Cockpit View, New Trailer Announced For E3

The official Need for Speed Twitter account has issued us a one week warning to E3. The Tweet has announced the arrival of a new trailer during the event. However at this point it is unclear if the trailer will be shown at EA’s own press-conference or at Sony’s or Microsoft’s.

Here’s the post from Need for Speed on Twitter:

The new Need for Speed reboot was announced recently via a brief teaser from EA. The footage gave nothing away and nor has EA, but the company did say that the new Need for Speed will be “dramatically different” from its predecessors.

The other interesting piece of news to be shared on Twitter, is the game having no cockpit view. However, the developers are expecting us to love the other cameras they have included.

Developers deciding against cockpit view in an interesting choice, as some of the recent popular racing games like Driveclub, Forza, Project Cars, all have cockpit views. Personally, I don’t mind this decision as to me, playing a racing game from the cockpit view feels unnatural.

Why there is no cockpit view remains a mystery, but since EA will give us details at E3, we can expect an explanation at or after the event.