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GTA Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Weekend Event Announced

With the release of the first part of the recently announced Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, Rockstar Games has today announced a special weekend event that will feature a ton of in-game bonuses.

Scheduled to kick off on Friday, June 12 and last until Sunday, June 14, the Ill-Gotten Gains Weekend Event will also feature Social Club Sweepstakes, livestreams and more.

Over on the developer’s blog, Rockstar Games has posted a comprehensive list of everything to expect from the weekend. Boiling all of that down to mere bullet points, though, here’s what lies in store for players:

  • Double cash adversary modes event playlist
  • Double RP races on land, sea, and air, with six new vehicles
  • 25% discount on high-end apartments and garages
  • High-frequency crate drops with GTA$10k and exclusive t-shirts that are only available this weekend
  • #illgottengains1 GTA$1M Snapmatic contest
  • Social Club Sweepstakes
  • Event weekend live stream

You can enter the sweepstakes at the Social Club Events Page and you can find out more details about the event here.

The Ill-Gotten Gains DLC adds a variety of luxury cars, high-powered weapons, and other expensive items. Additionally, players have the opportunity of snagging a solid gold airplane and helicopter, amongst other things.

Part 2 of the DLC is expected to come out before summer ends.