Someone Is Recreating GTA Vice City In GTA V, Check Out The Video

Remember GTA: Vice City? Just hearing the name brings back some awesome memories of beating up people with a baseball bat at the beach in Vice City.

Even to this day I love playing GTA: Vice City every now and then, and will keep going back for more. But now I don’t have to dust-off my old PS2 to play Vice City, as someone is working on bringing GTA: Vice City to GTA V.

The footage you see above is from an unfinished map of Vice City, where Franklin is seen visiting some of the old places in the city, like the “Bunch of Tools” store.

I remember this store very well, because there is an under-construction building behind it, where we played a mission which asked us control a tiny helicopter. God! That was annoying and took a while to complete.

The map clearly need a lot of work as there is no HUD and textures are blur. There is no word on when the map will be complete but as soon it is, we’ll let you know. For more details, visit the description of the video on YouTube.

On a related note, Grand Theft Auto V Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update is expected to release this week. There are two parts of the update, we know a lot about part 1, but there is hardly anything revealed about part 2.