PS Vita Is Getting Minor Component Changes, An FCC Document Suggests

According to a new document published by The Federal Communications Commission, PlayStation Vita 2000 is getting some minor component changes.

According to the document, the hardware version is updated from 2.0 to 2.2. The re-certification subject reads: “Antenna and non-transmitter circuit changed from the original device.” The manufacturing of LAN adapter has been outsourced to Foxconn, while the original model’s LAN adapter was manufactured by Sony itself.

The Bluetooth antenna gain is also changed to 0.73 dBi from the previous -2.1 dBi.

Take a look at the detailed specifications for the new model.



While rumors of Sony abandoning PS Vita have been around for some time now, but over the past few months there have been an increase in this assumption.

By looking at the document, you can see that Sony is still making PS Vita a better system, which indicates that the handheld that has become a haven for indie developers isn’t going anywhere.

PS Vita is getting plenty of new games in the coming months and Sony may reveal more at E3 2015. Do you think PS Vita can ever see a level of success PSP saw? Share your opinions down below.