Nintendo’s Splatoon Recreated in a Minecraft Mod

Don’t own a Wii U but still want to play Nintendo’s Splatoon? No problem. The beauty of PC gaming is that it’s extremely flexible, and Minecraft is one of the games that stands as an epitome of flexibility.

One clever guy whose nick on YouTube is Sethbling has created a mod for Minecraft where you can play Splatoon in the sandbox game.

The mod has all of the original game’s mechanics, such as the ability to transform into a squid for speedier movement, covering walls and floors with ink, recharging ammunition, and the availability of three different types of weapons.

Of course, you still have the boxy Minecraft graphics, but the fun and excitement of this seriously impressive mod greatly overshadows the lack of details.

In case you’re wondering what Splatoon actually is, it’s a team-based third-person shooter game for Wii U that focuses primarily on multiplayer, with regular battles and ranked battles that give it a highly competitive feel.

You can acquire this mod from Sethbling’s website. Sethbling states that the mod is primarily designed for 4v4, but there is the liberty of playing any kind of team size if you feel like it. Enjoy, Minecrafters!