Fable Legends Leaked Footage Shows Off Fencer Class and Amazing Visuals

A leaked footage of Fable Legends has surfaced, showing off the Fencer Class.

Microsoft’s co-op based free-to-play adventure role-playing title is still in the beta stage of development, and a June 2015 pre-release gameplay footage has been leaked that shows the fleet-footed Fencer jumping around in some pretty stunning and interesting regions.

The Fencer appears to be a class that is focused more on finesse and speed instead of pure strength, making it excellent for those who like to move around a lot and attack with quick slashes. Of course, there’s the added perk of making general attacks look like fancy dance moves.

Overall, the world of Fable Legends looks fantastic as ever, and the Unreal Engine 4’s power really is at a fine display in this footage. The giant fauns overlooking the map are pretty awesome too.

Microsoft is releasing the game for the Xbox One and PC. There is currently no known release date yet, but we are expecting something or the other to be revealed in the upcoming E3 during Microsoft’s Xbox conference.