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EA Brings Back Soundtracks from Previous Madden Titles On Spotify

The Madden American Football game series from EA Sports has always had a quality collection of songs, with catchy tracks that tend to stay stuck in a gamer’s head for long whiles.

EA recognizes this, and has teamed up with Spotify to bring back some of the most memorable songs from the previous Madden games. The Madden NFL Profile has a collection of songs from 2003 till the most recent Madden title.

This isn’t a static profile though – despite containing some of the greatest songs to be featured in previous Madden games, it will be updated further once Madden 16 is released on August 25.

Madden 16, like its predecessors, is expected to feature soundtracks from a multi-genre roster of artists. The full track list is expected to be revealed this summer.

Let us know your thoughts about the songs, and if there are certain ones that you wish EA hadn’t missed out in the Spotify profile.