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Destiny – The Taken King Additional Information Dug Out By Reddit

Destiny’s next expansion The Taken King was accidentally leaked by Red Bull just last week, and following the leak there has been some regular hunting of information going on in the Reddit forums, specially Destiny’s own Reddit page.

According to speculation on the page, there is a certain large degree of possibility that The Taken King will attempt to connect the two previous Destiny expansions: The Dark Below and The House of Wolves.

The data collected is from the Grimoire Cards, specifically the Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2, which states:

“The Hunter came to a halt in front of the throne, raised her covered face to meet the Prince’s gaze. The Hunter’s pale lips tightened slightly, then resumed their usual stony mien. 2. Eris: How? Toland: You’re hunters—hunt. These quotes indicates that this is Eris Morn who is a female hunter.”

There’s also another quote that states the following:

“The Techeuns gather at the door as the Queen approaches it. Prince Uldren holds it open with a small bow, and the Queen touches his shoulder as she passes. “Send a Crow to Mercury. And another to our new friend in the Tower.”

The supposed friend mentioned here could also refer to Eris, while the light house in Mercury may in fact be the hideout of Osiris. Rumors suggest that there would be a reunion with Eris in The Taken King, with a large connection to Osiris.

The Taken King hasn’t been officially announced, but the Red Bull leak pretty much confirmed it. There is a high probability that additional content for Destiny will be revealed at the E3, and may well be for The Taken King itself.