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DayZ Losing Popularity – Number of Online Users Drop 80% From Three Months Ago

The large scale online zombie survivor game DayZ seems to be losing popularity, based on the average number of online users.

DayZ got massive attention and praise for its unique idea and implementation when it was initially released as an Early Access in December 2013, but since that its popularity has decreased noticeably, mainly due to the stagnation of the Early Access on Steam and general lack of noteworthy updates.

According to Vandal, DayZ has sold more than 3 million copies, yet the maximum number of users seen online simultaneously on DayZ are an underwhelming 9,000. This is five times less than the number observed just three months ago. Such a rapid decline is obviously worrying for Bohemia Interactive.

Its competitor, H1Z1, is showing similar numbers for simultaneous online users, despite having sold 2 million lesser copies.

DayZ is still regularly updated, but Bohemia Interactive will need to bring something forward or greatly improve their marketing if they want a large number of users playing it by the time the finalized version of the title is released.

DayZ is generally expected to be released next year, so there is plenty of time for Bohemia to improve the marketing and bring exciting updates to the game in its Early Alpha testing phase. Let’s hope they do so, because the zombie survivor is certainly an exciting concept.