Blizzard Announces Eternal Conflict DLC for Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has announced a new DLC pack for its Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game Heroes of the Storm. The pack is called the Eternal Conflict, and is entirely based on the lore and settings of the Diablo games.

The pack includes a new hero in the form of the Butcher – a Diablo III boss that appears at the end of the first Act in the game.

In addition, there’s the Battle of Eternity map as well, which is a beautiful ‘two-faced’ map, one side representing Heaven and the other Hell. Other minor additions include new mounts and skins that are related to the Diablo series.

The Battle of Eternity details are as follows:

  • Two lane map with Teamfight-centric mechanic.
  • Immortals – Two boss Creatures that fight each other until Heroes intervene. Winning Immortal joins the team that helped it become victorious in that specific lane.
  • Siege Golem Camp: Three Khazras instead.
  • Bruiser Camp: Two Dogs and a Witch Doctor who summons the dogs until he is killed.
  • Easter Eggs in the retail version.

The Eternal Conflict pack will be available on PTR on June 23, while the full release is scheduled for June 30. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the amazing screenshots of this map: