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Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition Announced by GAME Spain

The Spanish division of retailer GAME has announced an exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition, which pretty much includes everything that you would want to experience the final installment in the series.

Alongside the standard game that will come in a unique steelbook case, the Special Edition will include the exclusive Red Hood DLC Pack which will have players playing as the anti-hero of the Dark Knight universe.

Then there’s the Harley Quinn DLC which will add further gameplay hours as players take control of the psychotic dame and experience her side of the story. Add four unique challenge maps and a classic Batman skin on top of that all.

The listing’s description notes that the two DLC packs will add more than five hours of additional game time. Those residing in Spain can now head to the official website to place in a pre-order while stock lasts. The Special Edition is only available for the consoles.

Following multiple delays, Batman: Arkham Knight is finally scheduled for an official release on June 23. The game will arrive on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There are numerous pre-order packages scattered all over the globe across multiple retailers. It’s enough to drive a fan mad.