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New Xbox One Update Brings 10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding Support

Xbox One has received a new update which brings the OS version up to 6.2.12998.0. The update brings a couple of fixes for party chat and multiplayer, but the most notable part of the update notes is 10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).

Below you can see the full update notes for the latest Xbox One update:

Multiplayer & Party Chat updates

  • Fix to address multiplayer issues across a few titles.
  • Made some small updates to the Party app to help team better understand issues reported by the community.

Game Bundles update

  • Fixed an issue where certain type of disc-based bundled games would not properly install

10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) platform support added

  • 10-bit HD HEVC enables video streaming apps, like NetFlix, to use lower bandwidth to deliver HD quality video streams. 10-bit Ultra color increases the video color precision from 8-bits to 10-bits – with 8-bits you only get 16 million colors, but with 10-bit Ultra color precision you get 1 billion life-like colors that makes your video more vibrant.

For more, visit Xbox support page.