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Rumor: Nintendo’s E3 2015 Plans Leaked, New Pokemon Wii U and Star Fox Mentioned

E3 is drawing near and in just under two weeks we will be knee deep in gaming news from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.  We have a pretty good idea what we can expect from Sony and Microsoft at E3.

You can surely count on Uncharted 4 being there, we praying for a first look at Gears on War Xbox One, and Mass Effect 4 is among the expected.

However, Nintendo’s plans are a bit too vague at the moment but plenty of speculations and rumors have been circulating. To add to these, we have some new unconfirmed information related to Nintendo’s plans for E3 2015.

A summary was leaked online, which allegedly shares Nintendo’s plans to revealed a Pokemon game for Wii U, along with Star Fox being present at E3.

On top of that, Nintendo Direct on June 16 is rumored to reveal two new franchises. The leak also suggests that Pokemon game for Wii U will hit shelves sometime next year.

Star Fox game for Nintendo’s console is named “Star Fox Cross,” if the leak is to be believed.

Those looking for something intense to play on their Nintendo machine, will get something called “Angel Blood,” Which revolves around the story of a blonde-haired assassin, out to kill Yakuza soldiers.

Keep in mind that none of these details are confirmed by Nintendo, so take everything with a massive grain of salt.