Possible Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Leaked Alongside Rumored Gameplay Details

Could it be? Dark Souls 3 has been for a while a mere myth, because with the final DLC of Darks Souls 2, the fantasy series from From Software seemed to have reached an acceptable conclusion.

However, screenshots of what appears to be Dark Souls 3 have emerged in a leak, according to

">The Know. Fans of the series always coveted a serial to the notoriously difficult Dark Souls series, with both its predecessors being mega-successes with challenging gameplay mechanics, fantastic boss fights, and a vague yet immersive story.

According to The Know, Dark Souls 3 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next year, and seems to have graphics on par with From Software’s most recent game and spiritual successor of the Souls series: Bloodborne.

According to The Know, Dark Souls 3 will introduce some new concepts, including the option to sacrifice enemies in order to invade other players’ worlds and a “heat up” mechanic for bosses that will alter their behavior. The latter probably means that From Software is attempting to up the difficulty one notch further.

The legitimacy of the leak seems to be encouraging, as all the shared concept art and screenshots seem to be on par with what you would expect from a Souls game, and The Know is generally a reliable concept.

There’s a general expectancy following this leak that From Software will reveal something or the other about Dark Souls 3 in the upcoming E3 conference.