Mystery Xbox One Update Could Be a ‘Preparation for Future’

Normally, Xbox One updates are highly organized, and are carried out on a defined schedule, making it easier for users to get an idea of when to prepare for one.

However, users who turned on their console today found a small, mysterious update for their console, out of the blue. This seemingly unscheduled update had no patch notes associated with it, which means that no one really knows what changes it brought about.

According to Major Nelson on Twitter, this update does absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that right – this update is meant to do nothing on the ground level, but make deep down tweaks just to ‘prepare’ the Xbox One system for the future.


Of course, ‘prepare for the future’ is a very vague statement, as it could be anyone’s guess.

Speculations suggest that it could be a precursor for another major update that completely overhauls how the Xbox One functions online, and there are other rumors that it could be DRM related, or even a precursor for Windows 10 update.

Hopefully Microsoft does release some kind of information in the coming weeks. Till then we’ll just have to wait and pretend nothing happened.