Metal Gear Online: E. Locater Will Let You Mark Enemies, Details Inside

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will feature online multiplayer in the form of Metal Gear Online. The multiplayer portion of the game will feature support weapons, one of which is called “E. Locater.”

It’s a grenade of sorts that pinpoints the location of the enemies and marks them. Those who played the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, will find it to be similar to the “Threat Grenade” we used in the game.

The E. Locater or Enemy Locater was revealed on Twitter:

When you throw the grenade, it marks the enemies within its radius by sending out pulses. It can find players through walls and anything which it can penetrate.

As for the radius, it’s 4 to 5 meters.

It was also revealed that players can not throw it back as it can’t be picked-up. Moreover, there is no way of countering it, so your best bet is to avoid it.

How will it affect the balance of the game? Remains to be seen. However, Konami says marking is essential in Metal Gear Online.

The E. locater is only available as a support weapon in Metal Gear Online, meaning players won’t have access to it in the single-player campaign, which doesn’t make sense.

E. Locater lasts around 10 seconds after it’s thrown, but the time may vary. A marked enemy’s location is not only available to the player, but his team mates as well.

To know more, follow the link to Metal Gear Online Twitter page.