Mass Effect 4 Dev Marvels at the Game’s Beauty, Teases Certain Details

BioWare’s Senior Development Director Chris Wynn is all praises for their upcoming project Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect 4’s existence is no real secret, but the content of the game certainly is, as there is almost nothing that has been revealed by BioWare about the title other than that it is in development.

In fact, there isn’t even any real confirmation of what the title of the next Mass Effect game will be, so for now everyone is just sticking with ‘Mass Effect 4’. Chris Wynn on Twitter went into a praise-gasm about his game, marveling at its ‘beauty’, which followed a series of tweets with intrigued fans asking questions.


Whether Chris is talking only about the game’s graphic details or the general design is something we don’t really know, but there’s a feeling that he’s marveling at the sight of the game’s overall visual appeal. Following on, Chris also stated how the game’s maps are balanced as far as general scale and amount of travelling is concerned.

Mass Effect differentiates from BioWare’s other AAA franchise Dragon Age, as the latter is more fantasy-oriented and open-ended, whereas the former’s interstellar journeys and futuristic settings are better suited to relatively closed environments.

Of course, there’s every likelihood that we’ll be doing plenty of travelling on the Mako or some other new vehicle.

We’re hoping to see more details emerge for Mass Effect 4 in the upcoming E3, with at least a story-trailer and preferably some gameplay footage.