League of Legends Gets a HUD Revamp In Next Patch

Riot Games is bringing in special updates for its famous MOBA title League of Legends in the next patch, with a large focus on revamping the in-game HUD.

League of Legends’ next PBE patch will bring about various changes to the on-screen HUD, with large focus on tactical and strategic data, with some minor aesthetic tweaks for improved clarity and usability.

The tactical changes to the HUD primarily come with the main abilities bar and health/mana statistics. The bar is now more centric, with revamped cooldown and level up animations to make sure that viewers are aware of these dynamic changes even while in a complicated skirmish.

The minimap has also been revised, with character icons now appearing directly above the minimap, and additional information being available for the various lanes. This is done so that there is a singular point of focus, as opposed to how such information was previously scattered all over the screen.

The final changes implemented on the scoreboard itself, which is now horizontally aligned to take up less space. In addition to that, players can opt to move about the characters, so to align opponents/allies according to the lanes they occupy.

The items shown next to each player will now be aligned in a descending order of cost, making it easier for players to see who is carrying the biggest and meanest tools, and who can be the easiest feeder.

Check out the full details with some FAQs on the official League of Legends forum.