Forza Motorsport 6 Will Feature Night Racing, Dynamic Weather, and More Than 450 Cars

Earlier today, the Japanese website for Forza Motorsports 6 was launched, before being pulled offline soon after, a tactic that’s becoming pretty rampant nowadays to have the internet start boarding the hype train.

From what information viewers could grab before the website went offline, Forza Motorsport 6 is going to feature the most cars of “any racing game this generation.” The Xbox One exclusive is looking forward to adding more than 450 vehicles during its lifetime, with each sporting full customization options, unique working cockpits and more.

Furthermore, the upcoming racer will contain “wet weather, 3D puddles, and night racing,” along with “state-of-the-art-physics at simulation speed.” The website also indicates that Forza Motorsport 6 will be running at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second.

The game’s cooperating mode will include two-player split-screen, 24-player races, and heavily improved Drivatar opponents. 26 world-famous locales, including Daytona, Rio, and more will be there for racers to set eyes on, as they burn rubber around their circuits.

Forza Motorsport 6 is going to be playable at E3 2015, which begins on June 15. Microsoft should be launching the website back up in the coming week.

via VG247