Batman Arkham Knight: Arkham Insider Video Shows Gameplay, Batmobile, Detective Mode and More

Batman Arkham Knight is just weeks away now and Rocksteady can’t wait to get the game in our hands. They have already shared a lot about Batman Arkham Knight, but more details are shared in the latest Arkham Insider video.

Firstly, we have a little chit chat with Adam Doughty, player code director at Rocksteady. Basically, he is the guy who is in charge of Batman’s movements in Arkham Knight.

Judging by the fluidity in the way the Dark Knight moves, Adam is surely the right guy for the job. We are shown some gameplay and as usual Batman is out hunting down Scarecrow and his minions.

Batmobile plays an integral role in the latest installment and Batman can use it to not only get around the city, but to boost his glide as well.

Detective mode is overhauled and incorporated into the Batmobile, as it comes with a new forensic scanner to send out pulses to highlight enemy vehicle’s tire tracks.

Speaking about the story of the game, Rocksteady revealed that Batman Arkham Knight will feature the longest story the studio has ever done in an Arkham game.

Oh and apparently, Batmobile is worth a billion dollars. To know more, check out the new above and share your thoughts in the comments.