Magni Bronzebeard Arrives In Hearthstone, New Details and Price Revealed

Blizzard is planning on introducing new heroes to Hearthstone, and the first to be revealed is Magni Bronzebeard. According to a post on, these new heroes will feature fully detailed animated hero portraits, in addition to beautiful new art that has never been seen before in Blizzard universe.

The King of Ironforge was teased earlier by Blizzard and at the time we were under the assumption that only a single new card is heading our way. However, as we now know this isn’t the case and Magni Bronzebeard is just the first to be added in Hearthstone.

Aside from the new artwork, these heroes, including Magni, comes with unique hero power animation. Blizzard wrote in its post:

Magni’s version of the Warrior’s “Armor Up!” Hero Power is sure to reinforce the fact that his majesty is not to be trifled with!

New Heroes also come with unique emotes and voices that convey their individual personalities, a play area featuring a custom visual theme, and nifty “entering the game” animations so you can greet (or intimidate) your next opponent in style.

These cards will also feature unique card backs, same is the case with Magni. Magni card back will be added as soon you make the purchase.

Speaking of which, the price for Magni is set at $9.99 for PC, Mac and Mobile. As much as I love Hearthstone, this price point is daunting. Visit the link here for more details.