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DICE LA is Working on ‘Unannounced Content’ for Battlefield 4, Classic Maps Incoming?

Producer at DICE LA, David Sirland, recently conducted a Q&A session on Twitter to talk about the future content for Battlefield 4.

In response to a fan asking about the Cover Pass Update of Community Maps Project, Sirland responded that the studio is currently focused on the announcement of some unannounced content.

He also stated that due to the unannounced content, the CMP is slowed down a bit. When asked about the release of the said content, Sirland said that it’s probably a week away:

“We are currently focusing on the unannounced project. It means the CMP is slowed down a little bit for the coming week. We will get to the cover pass after that focus (and announce) of the unannounced content! Can’t give you an exact date yet, but it’s a week or two away probably.”

According to YouTuber,

">Westie, BF4 developers conducted a major survey asking players to share their favorite maps from all previous Battlefield titles from Battlefield 1941 to Battlefield 3.

Westie believes that the ‘unannounced content’ is probably the return of fan-favorite maps from previous Battlefield games. If we consider the games made using Frostbite Engine, such as Bad Company 1 and Battlefield 1943, it wouldn’t be hard to recreate the maps to Frostbite used by Battlefield 4.

Nothing can be said with utmost certainty, but if we connect dots from previous and newer announcements; this may very well be true.

If this indeed turns out to be true, which maps would you like to see return to Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments section below!