Clash of Clans Creator SuperCell Is Worth $5.5 Billion, Sources Say

Founded back in 2010, Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans is now worth $5.5 Billion, according to a source.

Just a few days ago, news came out that SoftBank has paid for an additional 22.7% share of SuperCell. At the time, the financial aspect of the deal wasn’t mentioned but a source close to the deal claim that $1.2 billion was paid to Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Atomico, Institutional Venture Partners, London Venture Partners, and Initial Capital.

Accel had the biggest stake in Supercell and was the leading investor back in phase “A” investments, when Supercell was worth $40 million.

The details of this deal came with the information that SuperCell is now worth $5.5 Billion, more than Zynga and probably the most valued mobile developer in the world. Zynga for now, is worth $2.7 billion and has 2000 employees working for it.

King, Candy Crush Saga creator, is worth $4.7 billion, so it is indeed safe to say that SuperCell is the most valued company of its kind in the world, given that the source is correct.

SoftBank’s total share in the company now stands at 72.3%, and its now the sole external shareholder. According to a report, SuperCell has 150 employees, meaning if we play around with the numbers a bit – each employee is worth $36 million.

It is amazing to see how soon and how much growth SuperCell has seen and it’s all thanks to Clash of Clans. One idea that changed the face of this company and made it the leading mobile developer in the world.