Amiibo Coding Suggests Nintendo Plans to Release All 700+ Pokemon – Rumor

Amiibo is a craze and addiction, one which Nintendo has ingeniously effected the populace with. The company is finding it hard to meet the ever growing demand of its newly crafted gold mining tool, even with the limited amount of figurines available. Hence, imagine how collectors would react to know that Nintendo might be planning to release around 700 more unique Amiibo figurines.

An anonymous Reddit user has recently posted his new findings from digging into the coding of Amiibo. According to his post, it began with the idea of mining the NFC chips of individual figures for their data. However, that helped him notice a pattern that went on to suggest that Nintendo has some big plans ahead of it.

The conclusion of the findings is that each Pokemon released so far has a corresponding code that directly relates to the National Pokedex numbers. This means that the series has space reserved for Nintendo to potentially release all 700+ Pokemon in the future.

That certainly sounds like a daunting task. Not only would collectors end up on the streets, it might also become an annoying job for Nintendo to manage their figures. Perhaps the future is not far off where we’ll be seeing Amiibo cards instead of solid figurines.

You can read the whole post here. It certainly makes for an interesting read.