Monster Hunter X Has Four Main Monsters For Hunters to Deal With

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced a new Monster Hunter installment for Japan in the form of Monster Hunter X for the 3DS. The game’s official website has now been updated to give us a look at the four main monsters that Hunters will be battling against.

The first is a heavily armored Brute Wyvern-type monster that uses its long tail to destroy everything in its surroundings. The second is a Flying Wyvern with giant wings protruding from the back, and sharps scales extruding from its body.

The third is a Fanged Beast monster which is the largest of all four. The most prominent features are its giant tusks and a long trunk that extend from a large hard-shelled head. This behemoth likes nothing better than to overwhelm Hunters with its destructive force.

The last monster is a Leviathan with long flexible body and deep sharp fangs. Hunters should be wary of its mobility, as it can quickly move from point to point and surprise even the best of the lot.

Monster Hunter X will feature the same fourteen weapons from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Each will come with its own version of “Hunting Arts,” a form of special attack that will differ to what weapon you are wielding. These attacks vary from doing massive damage, to providing buffs or healing effects.

Monster Hunter X will release in Japan later this year. There’s no word on whether Monster Hunter X will make its way to the west. However, taking into consideration how well Monster Hunter 4 was received here, it’s most likely that Nintendo will make sure the game shifts hemispheres after the initial trending period.