League of Legends HUD Is Finally Getting Reworked, Here’s What’s New

It’s hard to say how long we have all waited for this, but finally it is happening. League of Legends is getting a complete rework of its HUD, and the update will soon be tested in the community beta environment. The update is expected to go live in the next few weeks.

The new HUD will be pretty straight forward and will carry relevant information only. Meaning all the junk on-screen will be minimized to provide streamlined version that won’t cover the happenings on-screen.

In order to do this, Riot looked in the features players used the most and figured our ways to help them through the UI.

Strategic and tactical information is optimized, skills, gold and activatable items are placed at the bottom of the screen. Tactical information on the other hand can be found at the bottom right corner. This included status of your team and your mini-map.

Support information is optional, so it is available if you want it.

Changes seem to be decent enough, but I am seeing a mixed reaction among fans. Some are saying they prefer the old version of the HUD, while others are liking the new changes.

What about you?