Hearthstone Developer Blizzard is Teasing a New Card, What Could It Be? (Update)

Update: Blizzard has revealed Magni Bronzebeard as the new card, you can see the trailer for it posted below.

Original Story: The popular card game from Blizzard, Hearthstone, is getting someone new as suggested by a tease. The developer as expected, is keeping things under wraps for now but it shouldn’t take long before an announcement is made.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s silence doesn’t mean the community can’t speculate. But first, check the following Tweet by Hearthstone’s official account.

From what I can understand, this tease seems to suggest the arrival of a Dwarf. There are two characters that come to mind are the Bronzebeard brothers, Muradin and Magni.

In addition to its identity, the other thing that remains a mystery about this card is how will it be added to the game. Is it part of an expansion, or a direct purchase from the store?

Also, is you look at the hero silhouettes in the image, you will notice that Garrosh and Rexxar are missing. Could this mean that Hearthstone is getting a new hero?

These questions will soon be answered, so stay-tuned for update in the story. Till then, feel free to share what you think of this new card in the discussion box below.