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DriveClub Update 1.17 is Now Live, Fixes Challenge Menu Performance Issues

Playstation 4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub received an update this morning, bringing the game version to v.1.17.

The said update is quite small, weighing in at only 0.1 GB, and fixes certain performance issues with the new Challenge Menu:

“There’s a 0.1GB Game Update (1.17) to download today that fixes a small performance issue with the new challenge menus.”

The next major update v.1.18 will arrive later this month and will add new Driver Levels, new Accolades, Face-off toggle, changes made to the Drifting Stat, and some more changes to Challenges (based on Community Feedback) among other changes which will be shared soon.

In addition to this, Evolution Studios has also stated that the update brings them closer to making the Playstation Plus Edition up again:

“The next Game Update is coming later in June and will continue to evolve the game and move us closer to making the PlayStation Plus Edition available again.”

Lastly, the forthcoming update will also bring some new cars to the game. You can head over to DriveClub Facebook Page for more information and have your feedback heard!

Did you get a chance to test out the newest update v.1.17? How does it fare and what would you like to see in the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments section below.