XCOM 2 Developer Speaks About Classes, Gameplay and More

If there is one classic franchise reboot that nailed it, it is without a doubt XCOM. Developer Firaxis Games brought the 1994 classic back in the form of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

After its release in 2012, fans demanded another installment and that’s exactly what they are getting. Firaxis Games’, Creative Director Jake SolomonĀ shared more about the experience we will jump in to once the game comes out.

There are a total of five classes in the game, but for now Firaxis is only taking about four of them. First, let’s talk about Sharpshooter.

This class will replace the sniper and will be allowed to use a pistol as a primary weapon, rather than a last resort.

Ranger is also coming in as a replacement of Assault class, and will have more focus on close combat. They can also use swords as close range weapons. The other arrival is Grenadier, this one is the replacement of heavy class, and they will use heavy weapons and explosives in battle.

Specialist is the class replacing support class, these type of soldiers can be used for controlling drone and are able to stun enemies.

Also, XCOM 2 will ask players to complete secondary objectives as well, this wasn’t the case in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Stealth is also an important part in gameplay as you can gain an advantage over the enemy by using shock-and-awe tactics.

Soldier customization, ability to change gender and nationality is also among its features. XCOM 2 is heading to PC in November this year.