Warhammer’s Graham McNeill Joins as Senior Narrative Writer For League of Legends

British novelist Graham McNeill has just confirmed that he has officially joined Riot Games as its Senior Narrative Writer for League of Legends.

The author is well known for his accomplishments with the Warhammer universe, having won a New York Times bestseller and the 2010 David Gemmell Legend Award for his works.

Posting on his blog, McNeill revealed that he was approached for the position in December, but it wasn’t until after February that he decided to come on board.

Speaking about Riot Games, he said that his new family is full of people that are passionate and enthusiastic about what they are doing.

These were people who thrived on the sheer joy of creativity, where every avenue could be explored to see where it went. I came away tremendously excited at the possibility of working within those teams.

League of Legends has had trouble with its lore department, having announced last year that its current lore would be destroyed to allow Riot Games to start anew. Players of the popular game would be happy to know that they now have Graham McNeill following up on the game’s story.

McNeill will begin work at the developer’s Los Angeles studio this summer.