Splatoon Blackbelly Skatepark Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Due to multiple curved areas and ramps, it is hard to use roller-based weapons in Blackbelly Skatepark. And though staying on high ground will provide you with a tactical advantage, it doesn’t guarantee you a victory.

Splatoon Blackbelly Skatepark Map Tips

The long circular platform near the center of the stage is an ideal position for snipers, but once again, you can’t expect to merely hold this place and hope to win the match.

Recommended Loadout

  • Splatterscope: Use it on the tall circular platform in the map’s center for some long-ranged kills
  • Splattershot Jr.: Ink your territory or pick out enemy players – your call
  • Splat Bomb: The bombs are not only ideal to clear enemies from the center platform, but also taking them out by surprise
  • Inkstrike or Kraken: You can’t go wrong with these pieces of equipment to clear the central area in an instant

Turf War
Although controlling the center of the map will ensure a victory in different instances, you should never ignore the areas near your team’s spawn points and ensure that they’re always inked.

While enemy team is busy inking the central platform, take out some time to ink areas around enemy and your spawn points.

While you’re controlling the central platform, always watch out for Suction Bombs and Splat Bombs from all sides. Moreover, watch out for enemies trying to sneak up on you from below and sides.

Like I mentioned earlier, roller-based weapons are not quite efficient on Blackbelly Skatepark, but if you wish to use them, make sure that you use them on flat horizontal surfaces.

Lastly, always check your corners before moving through half pipes and throw a Splat Bomb or other sub-weapons before moving in.

Splat Zones
There are a total of 2 Splat Zones on Blackbelly Skatepark and both of them are located near the center of the map. I suggest climbing the long cylindrical tower near the center of the map from where you can control the both Splat Zones.

It’s very important to leave at least a player guarding each Splat Zone while other teammates should be tasked with applying pressure on enemy spawn points.

In case enemies gain hold of the long cylindrical tower in the center, you can always use Inkstrike or Kraken to take him or her out and control it yourself. Splat Bombs or Suction Bombs are also very well suited for the job.

Moreover, you can also climb onto the elevated platforms near the Splat Zones and place some Squid Beakons near them to control engagements in the area.

Lastly, you can ink one of the corners near the Splat Zones and hide in it until you see enemies arrive and catch them off guard.

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