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Rumor: Jigglypuff Amiibo Becomes The Fastest Selling Product In Target History

By now, news like this doesn’t surprise anyone, but it is worth noting that Nintendo’s Jigglypuff Amiibo is now the fastest-selling product in the history of

According to a source, the product in question was getting 500 pre-orders each minute when it was available at Target. On top of that, the source claimed that the listing for Jigglypuff received over a million page views during the first day.

While this is a pretty interesting piece of news, there is a claim made by the source at Target which is more notable. According to the source, Wave 5 of Amiibo will feature a Target exclusive as well.

It isn’t mentioned which Amiibo it will be but the person seems pretty confident that Target is getting another exclusive.

Nintendo’s Amiibo have been the hot new product for collectors especially, frankly, I don’t understand the appeal but fans are going crazy over this product.

So crazy, that Nintendo is having a hard time maintaining a balance between supply & demand. On top of that, Nintendo’s truck full of Splatoon related Amiibo was robbed in the UK.