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New Rise of the Tomb Raider Information Explains Why Lara is in Siberia

After plenty of teasing and emotional torture, Rise of the Tomb Raider’s new trailer was finally shared with us recently. The footage got us excited for E3 but the itch to know is unbearable at this point.

The new trailer showed Lara visiting Siberia, risking her life in hard weather conditions in order to search for buried history. The trailer was brief and gave little away, however, the Tomb Raider Twitter account directed us to the official, where some more light was shed on Lara’s motives behind visiting Siberia.

You can find the hidden information, if you move your cursor around the page. Here’s what you’ll come across:

On the eve of a Mongol invasion, the Lost City of Kitezh sank beneath the waves of a lake, taking with it all of its secrets and treasures.

Legends tells of an artifact hidden within the lost city that holds the soul of a powerful prophet. It is said that those who possess it will be granted immortality.

The journey will be perilous, but I have to discover the secrets of the “Lost City” before Trinity. They’ll stop at nothing, but neither will I.

The harsh Siberian wilderness keeps watch over the lost city, fiercely protecting its secrets with treacherous landscapes and bone-freezing climate. I must find a way to not only survive these hostile winds, but turn them against Trinity.

These tombs are beyond anything I could have imagined. So much history buried within them, but I must be careful…there are surely traps, and dangers designed to stop any would would intrude

Lost City? Treasures? Can’t be more exciting.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is heading to Xbox One and Xbox 360 during Fall 2015.