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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Heading to PC, Will FFXV Do the Same? It Should

Final Fantasy XV, the long in development Final Fantasy title, is slated for a release sometime next year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been through hell during development but is now turning to be one of the most amazing titles in the series so far.

The whole series has a huge fan-base, across all platforms. Be it PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC, fans love Final Fantasy games.

So obviously, next installment of this franchise is eagerly anticipated by millions. However, not everyone will get to play it, as I mentioned, FFXV is a console exclusive for now. The thing I don’t get is why? Why is it not on PC?

PC gamers deserve Final Fantasy XV and there is no reason for the game to not be on this platform. As a PC gamer myself, I feel left out and neglected on plenty of occasions,  when games like Halo 5 aren’t on PC, when games are held back due to hardware limitations of consoles. But the release FFXV shouldn’t be one of these moments.

The good news is that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was recently confirmed for PC, which indicates that FFXV could be in the works for PC as well.

In the past, Square Enix have said that they haven’t yet decided regarding a PC version of Final Fantasy XV. If they are planning to release the title on the most popular gaming platform, what better place to announce it other than E3.

On behalf of all FF fans on PC, I urge Square Enix to do the right thing and provide PC gamers with the title they deserve.