Fiji Graphics Cards Will Be At E3, AMD Confirmed

After NVIDIA’s recent announcement of GTX 980 Ti, all eyes were to AMD. Fans are eager to see what AMD has instored for us with their next line of GPUs.

In regard to AMD’s Fiji graphics cards, the company has confirmed Fiji’s arrival at this month’s E3, that kicks-off in less than two weeks. The new line of cards will feature HBM (high-bandwidth Memory).

The company showed the tech behind the new GPUs at computex, and will reveal more about it at its pre-conference on June 16, 9PM.

However, we don’t yet know if AMD will release Fiji immediately, or will they wait a couple of weeks before making the new GPUs available.

Details are limited for now and AMD will keep things under wraps until E3.

In related news, AMD has been talking about its new Carrizo notebook processor and claims it will offer more graphics performance, compared to Intel’s i7. For example, Carrizo will hit 48 frame-per-second on League of Legends, while hitting full HD 1080p.

More details about AMD’s future plans and products are expected soon, so stay-tuned.