Fable Legends Features Some Pretty Bizarre Ogres, New Video Tells Us More

If there is one Xbox One title I am most looking forward to besides Rise of the Tomb Raider, it’s Fable Legends. The game is a cooperative free-to-play open world RPG, and apart from Xbox One, it’s also planned for a release on Windows PC.

To share more about the game with us, developer Lionhead Studios has shared a new video from Fable Legends and it’s all about Ogres. Fable Legends will feature a rather unique take on Ogres, according to the development team, Ogres is the world of Fable Legends are born in twins.

Growing up they don’t see eye-to-eye and start hating each other, once old enough, they engage in a battle to the death. The winner of the battle rips the other one’s head and puts it on a club,

Interestingly, that club is used by the winning Ogre as a weapon. The most bizarre thing is, the head is still alive and talking.

The head will keep giving harsh feedback to his brother about how bad he is in battle, and how good he could have done. One of the most weird abilities Ogres have is farting, in battle, they will fart and a gas of green cloud will appear on the battlefield.

Walk through it, and you will lose HP.